I can totally picture that in my head.

The following descriptions can be found in Oliver Sacks’ THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT AND OTHER CLINICAL TALES. They describe a man who awoke one morning thinking that his left leg was not his own. Both sentences describe the same man, just a couple paragraphs apart from one another, and both are completely insane.

I have no idea what Sacks was thinking, but these have to be the most  impenetrable, inane descriptions of a person that I have ever read. 

His expression contained anger, alarm, bewilderment and amusement. Bewilderment  most of all, with a hint of consternation.

He gazed at me with a look compounded  of stupefaction, incredulity, terror and amusement, not unmixed with a jocular sort of suspicion.