My first hickey in a very long time

I was lying next to my son, staring into his eyes as I am wont to do, when he lashed out at me like an angry cobra and latched onto my nose like it was his pacifier.

At first I thought it was amusing and asked my wife to take a picture, but it quickly became decided less funny.

The amount of suction that he was able to generate was astounding.

When I finally managed to detach him from my nose, my wife looked at me and gasped.

Charlie had given me a hickey on my nose, my first hickey in a very long time. Though it’s visible in this photograph, the picture really doesn’t due it justice. It was large, red and lasted two days.

My daughter had a habit of biting my nose when she was an infant, but never did she latch onto my face like a vacuum cleaner.

I suspect that I will be keeping my nose far away from my son for quite a while.

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