Urine, drugs and advertising

Have you seen this item? The Wizmark is an interactive urinal communicator that can talk, sing, or flash a string of lights around a promotional message when greeting a visitor a “visitor.”

The large anti-glare, water-proof viewing screen is strategically located just above the drain to ensure guaranteed viewing without interruptions.  Using the elements of surprise and humor in a truly unique location will allow Wizmark, in combination with your ad, to make a lasting impression on every male that sees it.

It’s an odd and amusing (and questionable) form of advertisement, but it’s hardly new. The Swisher Hygiene Company, a leader in restroom sanitation, has been placing urinal pads in restrooms for years with the message Don’t Do Drugs emblazoned upon each.

For a decade, I’ve found myself actually forced to urinate on a message that encourages me to avoid drug use.

Brilliant marketing plan, don’t you think?