Wedding reboot: Free repairs

My wife and I are celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday. Following our wedding, I wrote about some of the more memorable moments and posted them on a blog that no long exists.

Though our anniversary is now past, I still have a few posts that I have yet to re-post here, so our anniversary will live on for a couple extra days.

Today’s post was written about our wedding rehearsal.


On Friday night, just after our rehearsal dinner was complete, I ran upstairs to my room to grab my camera. While in the room, my new sunglasses, chosen after much consternation by Elysha and her sister, fell off my head, popping out one of the lenses.

This was the first pair of sunglasses that I had brought that cost more than $20, so I was annoyed.

I brought them to Elysha, who tried to repair them, but the lens’s hold on the frame was tenuous at best.

A couple hours later after dinner we were standing by a bonfire, drinking and chatting. I had my sunglasses in my hand when my friend Jeff bumped into me, knocking my drink to the ground. Recognizing an opportunity, I released my sunglasses at the same time, allowing them to fall too, hoping the lens would pop out again.

It did.

When I picked up my glasses, now in two pieces, I shouted, “Look what you did! Thanks a lot. Elysha just bought these for me for our honeymoon.”

Almost on cue, my genius wife snapped at Jeff as well, using a voice that he later described as “more angry than I’ve ever heard before.”

Jeff assured her that he could repair the glasses (a fact which I did not doubt, since the guy can fix just about anything) and ran inside to do so.
As soon as he entered the manor, Elysha and I started laughing, explaining to our friends what had just happened. Someone brought me another drink and we all sat back down, waiting with great anticipation for Jeff to finish.
It actually took Jeff quite a while to make the repair, and at one point I wanted to go inside and confess the truth to him. I hated to think that he was missing too much of the party, but our friends convinced me to let him toil a little longer.

I worked.

Jeff returned about 20 minutes later and the glasses were like new. They held together for the entire honeymoon and beyond.

I confessed my prank after he returned the glasses to me and he was (as always) a good sport about it. What had surprised him the most was how angry Elysha had become, and how quickly she managed it, but I was not surprised.

She’s a very sharp woman, and you should see how angry she can get if I forget to wear my wedding band, shrink one of her shirts in the wash, or attempt to paraphrase her in a way that she does not approve.

Scary stuff.