Wedding reboot: Perhaps my wife owns a crystal ball

My wife and I will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. Following our wedding, I wrote about some of the more memorable moments and posted them on a blog that no long exists.

As our anniversary approaches, I’ve decided to re-post some of those wedding memories here as a means of preserving them as well as sharing them with readers.

Here is the next of these posts:


Before Elysha and I started dating, we had been talking on the phone a lot and hanging out together. Those pre-dating rituals that many couples experience.

Late one night we were chatting on the phone and the topic of us getting together came up. We work together in the same school, so Elysha asked me what our principal might say if we started dating. Since I had previously been dating someone in the school, I told her what he had already said to me a few months ago:

Dating is fine. Just be sure that when and if it ends, you are still able to work together.

Being the master of the break-up, the previous relationship ended just fine.

Still friends to this day.

When I related what our principal (who would one day marry us) had said, Elysha responded with, “Oh, that won’t be a problem for us. If we start dating, we’re never breaking up.”

Most astonishing, she didn’t say this to be cute or coy. She said it like it was fact. We had yet to kiss or even hold hands, but somehow she could already see our future together. My heart fluttered a bit and I asked her why she thought this to be true.

“I just know,” she said. “I just know that we’d be together forever.”

I think about that night quite often, particularly this week as I find myself lying in bed beside my wife of less than a month.

I don’t know how she knew, but she did. And I couldn’t be happier.

My wife is one smart cookie.