Wedding reboot: Best wedding response ever

My wife and I will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary later this month. A couple days ago I was writing about the hora, and it prompted me to go back and look back at some old posts that I wrote about our wedding on a blog that no long exists.

Though the blog was deleted more than five years ago under rather unfortunate circumstances, I’m so glad that the content from that blog was saved. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading about our wedding day. 

As our anniversary approaches, I’ve decided to re-post some of those wedding memories here as a means of preserving them as well as sharing them with readers.

Here is the second of these posts:


In the spirit of creativity, here is the prize winning wedding response card, sent to us by bridesmaid and groomsman Charles and Justine.

Knowing that I am a Dickens fan, they sent this response to our wedding invitation:


Charles was disappointed to find out that I didn't own a copy of David Copperfield.

Nevertheless, two days before the wedding, I finally got around to finding a copy of the novel and looking up the passage, in order to determine if we would be a groomsman and bridesmaid shy of our expected number.

The passage reads:

It certainly had not occurred to me before, but I said, Yes, I should like that.

And no, we did not honor their food request.