My wife’s wedding vows

Last month, in conjunction with our upcoming anniversary, I shared some posts that I had written about our wedding in 2006. Those posts originally appeared on a blog that no longer exists, so I wanted to revisit them and share some of my favorites here.

As a result, readers began asking me questions about our wedding, including what vows Elysha and I recited. Rather than using standard vows, Elysha and I wrote our own vows and kept them secret from one another until reciting them on our wedding day.

I asked Elysha if she wouldn’t mind me posting them here, and she has agreed.

Yesterday I posted my vows. Today I post her vows to me.


You are my dream come true.
There is nothing that could make me happier than marrying you,
my best friend and soul mate.
From this day forward, I promise to share with you the joys of life,
because with you they will be that much sweeter.
I promise to help shoulder our challenges,
because through them we will emerge stronger.
I promise to always encourage your creativity,
because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.
I promise to nurture your dreams,
because through them your soul shines.
I promise to try to be on time and pick my things up off the floor,
because I know those things drive you crazy.
Most of all I promise to laugh with you, support you,
and to be your partner in all things.
I love you up to the sky and back.