The iPhone needs a better name

The device in my pocket is called an iPhone, but I’m starting to believe that this is the worst name possible for it.


At one time, the primary function of a mobile telephone was to serve as a telephone, but for me (and possibly the majority of Americans), the telephonic component of this device has become one of the least important parts of my iPhone.

The number of applications that I utilize on my iPhone more often than the actual phone include (in approximate order to frequency):

  • Texting
  • Instacast (downloading and listening to podcasts)
  • Email
  • Hootsuite (Twitter client)
  • Camera
  • Evernote
  • Calendar
  • Music (audiobooks and music)
  • Mint
  • Clock
  • Chrome
  • Maps
  • ESPN Sportcenter
  • Weather Bug
  • Ziplist

This makes the telephone the 16th most frequently used application on my phone, falling well behind applications like my grocery list and the clock I use to tell time.

It’s also by far my least favorite use of the device.

iPhone hardly seems like the appropriate name anymore.

Anyone want to propose a better name?