I could’ve been selling magic spells for years

I’m annoyed.

I just learned that eBay is banning the sale of "metaphysical" goods such as spells, potions and other magical services. For years , people have apparently been selling potions, spells, fortune telling and the like on the website, and customers have been purchasing them.

I can’t believe I didn’t know this until now.

Jennifer Williams, for example, was selling “love spells, popularity spells and self-confidence spells for $11.11 each” on eBay, and people were buying them in large quantities. 

Her customers included people like R.J. Blair, a 32-year-old San Francisco resident, who says “he bought about 15 to 20 spells over the past year from eBay for as much as $30 each.” He reports that the magic that he purchased through the online auction site helped him with weight loss and his psychic abilities.”

While I do not claim any expertise on the subject of magic, potions or witchcraft, I would have been more than willing to pretend as much in order to make a buck. As a novelist, I already get paid for making up stuff in my head. This would’ve simply been an extension of that core philosophy.

In fact, I could’ve been making up spells and incantations and selling them on eBay for a profit for years.

Instead, I’m apparently late to the game and shut out of this potentially lucrative income stream.