My daughter does not like chicken but is an apparent medical expert

My three year old daughter had a fever last night. She refuses to take any medicine, and as a three year old, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to force her to drink it.

We try to slip it into other food and drink, but rarely are we successful.

Last night I brought a measuring cup of children’s Tylenol over to her, hoping to convince her to take a drink.

Her response:

“I’m going to drink plenty of liquid and get lots of rest and that will make me feel better.”


“I’m not drinking that. It tastes like chicken, and I don’t like chicken.”


“And don’t bring me any chicken, either.”

What is a father to do with that combination of wisdom, wit and hilarity?

Thankfully, Clara was right. She drank lots of water before bed, slept for almost eleven hours and woke up fever-free.