There may only be 27 reasons to be grateful for living now

Last week I posted a list of 30 Real Reasons To Be Grateful For Living in response to a similar list of vague, insubstantial, meaningless items.

It turns out I might be a bit of a Nostradamus. Three of my reasons to be grateful for living may have already come to pass.

Item # 5 on my list states: Alien life could be discovered at any moment (or alien life could discover us).

This week researchers report in the journal Astrobiology that under certain conditions there is a high probability that life came to Earth — or spread from Earth to other planets — during the solar system's infancy when Earth and its planetary neighbors orbiting other stars would have been close enough to each other to exchange solid material.

In other words, we might be the alien life that we have been hoping to discover.

Item # 11 states: JFK assassination documents are still waiting declassification

This week new top secret White House recordings of the former President were released. They presumably have nothing to do with his assassination, but still…

Item #21 reads: Jimmy Hoffa’s body (or Jimmy Hoffa) could be found

State investigators will remove soil samples today from outside a home in suburban Detroit as police continue looking into a man’s claim that a body he says he saw buried in a backyard 35 years ago might have been that of missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa.

This news can be looked upon two ways:

  1. See! I told you there were reasons to be grateful for living. And they weren’t even unlikely reasons! They are coming to pass sooner than we could have imagined!

  2. Damn. Three less reasons to be grateful for living. Before you know it, the world will be an absent mass of predictable monotony. Makes me hope that flying cars don’t arrive too soon, so there will be at least one more thing to stick around for.