A dog ate my book.

MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND had an interesting week.

Early in the week, I was contacted by a reader who had borrowed a signed copy of the book from a friend under the condition that it be returned in perfect condition.

A few days later her dog ate the book, necessitating an emergency phone call to the author in order to acquire another signed copy.

My first canine fan.

Last night the San Francisco Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, which means that one of my fans will be handing over a signed copy of the book over to a San Francisco fan in order to settle a bet between the two of them.

The first time my book has ever been included in sports wager, at least to my knowledge.

Today the book was mentioned in Shelf Awareness after having been named one of Hudson Books Best Books of 2012.

It was an incredible honor to have my book included on this prestigious list, but I think I got slightly more joy out of the dog eating my book.

I’ve always been a dog person.