My crazy ideas aren’t so crazy after all.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about The Reverse Nap, a concept that I predicted would quickly (or eventually) sweep the nation and become a thing.

I know that many of you thought I was crazy when you read that post, but since then, two people have contacted me to tell me that they are now reverse napping and loving it.

I’m telling you. It’s going to be a thing.

A week ago, I wrote about my evening of skipping down streets of Brattleboro, Vermont, and encouraged you to give skipping a try.

I know that some of you, including my wife, thought this was crazy, but since writing that post, no fewer than half a dozen people have contacted me to tell me that they have tried skipping again after many years of non-skipping and have fallen in love with it.

Some have even skipped in pairs.

Skipping might just become a thing, too.

More than a year ago I wrote about my desire to become a professional best man. I am certain that some of you thought I was crazy when I wrote this post because you told me so, but to date, three people have attempted to hire me as their professional best man. The only thing that has prevented them from engaging my services is geography. All three live too far away for me to be effective.

In addition, I was recently contacted by entrepreneurs in the UK who are considering launching their own professional best man service and wanted to know what kind of success I had experienced thus far.   

I may be crazy, but I’m crazy like a fox.