The Dutch cover of MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND is unlike any so far.

It’s been interesting to watch the different covers of MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND roll out worldwide as foreign publishers begin to release the book.

With last week’s sale to a Russian publisher, we are now up to 15 foreign languages and counting.

The covers I have seen so far are the following:

image_thumb6 image_thumb21 image_thumb22

I also received a sneak peek of the German cover this week, which I absolutely love, and the Dutch version of the book hit bookstores last week with a cover that I find both intriguing and slightly baffling:


I don’t pretend to understand any of the markets where my books are sold (including the United States), so I can only assume that my Dutch publisher believes that this cover will convince readers to pick up the book.

In truth, I’d pick this book in a heartbeat. The cover is eye-catching and highly evocative.

I’d just be surprised to discover that it’s actually my book.