I have no idea where I bought this sweater, and I have no idea why you even care.

I know that my sneakers were purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I know that my Ask A Ninja tee-shirt was purchased online from the Ask A Ninja online store.

These are the only two items in my wardrobe that I can definitively identify their origin. I could guess at the origin of others. but I can’t be certain where anything else was purchased.

This is partly the result of my wife doing much of my clothing shopping.

It is also partly the result of my refusal to wear any clothing item that features a brand name or a stupid little alligator.

Still, I am always baffled when someone asks me where a particular sweater or shirt or pair of jeans originated.

“Nice sweater? Did you get it at Banana Republic?”

“Is that jacket J. Crew?”

“Where did you get those jeans?”

Did people really keep track of where each item in  their wardrobe originated?

More importantly, why do they care where I got mine?