One percent of stupidity

As of today, this video has been viewed more than three million times.

It’s been liked by more than 41,000 viewers.

It contains not an ounce of political rhetoric. Not a smidgen of partisan positioning. There is no talk of party or platform or policy. 

It is simply a recording of the President of the United States telling a group of volunteers that he is confident that they will do great things in the future. And yes, for a moment, while expressing his pride for the people in the room, the President has tears in his eyes.

It’s a moving speech, but what I am most interested is the 641 jackasses who disliked the video. These people amount to .0002 percent of the total number of views that the video received and (not ironically) .01 percent of the people who have chosen to rate the video.

The one percent raises its ugly head again. 

It’s hard to imagine how sad and petty and angry and implacably partisan a person must be to actively and purposefully dislike something like this.

They must have been so annoyed with the reelection of the President.

That makes me so happy.