Weaponized brownies

My sister and I are back in business. After a lengthy hiatus, Kelli has begun writing again for our brother-sister blog, 107 Federal Street, and I am once again responding to her posts.

All it took was the gift of a used laptop. It turns out that my sister is much more willing to write on a full-sized keyboard than her cell phone. In the past three days she has written three new posts, and more are reportedly on the way.

My sister has a near photographic memory and remembers things from our childhood that I have long since forgotten. The purpose of the blog is to recapture some of those lost memories from that steel-trap brain and examine some of the events that took place during our less-than-ordinary childhood.

Ideally, we are creating something that our children and grandchildren will enjoy someday.

On a more selfish level, I am also accumulating new material for a memoir that I will one day write.

Who knows? Now that my brother has returned from his five year disappearance, perhaps I can get him to contribute as well, though that is unlikely. Kelli is an excellent writer and uses the Internet on a daily basis.

Though my brother possesses the technical expertise to write a post and surf the Internet, he lives more like a mountain man when it comes to computers, which is one of the ways that he managed to disappear for five years.

Today I posted the first of Kelli’s recent posts, about the time I baked brownies for our Boy Scout meeting and the resulting violence, as well as my response to it