Strangest Christmas behavior ever. Right?

It’s 9:00 AM on Christmas morning. Things are not going as expected.

After opening a few presents, including three books that I had to read aloud before we could continue, my daughter has told us that she is tired of opening presents and wants to practice her numbers on my computer.

image image

So now she is sitting at the table, typing the numbers 1-10 and asking how to make 14, 19, 22 and so on.

There is still a pile of presents under the tree, including her best gift, but she wants nothing to do with them.

“When I’m done with my numbers, let’s eat breakfast,” she says. “I’m hungry.”

“Do you want to open presents first?” I ask.

“No!” she says. “No more presents!”

At this rate, these presents may never get opened.

Honestly, in the history of the mankind, has something like this ever happened? I adore nonconformity, and her lack of materialism warms my soul, but this is ridiculous.