No Moth, but a silver lining. Probably too generous. Not quite silver. More like chrome.

It was a tough day for me. I had originally planned on attending The Moth in New York City tonight. Two friends were going to join me for the trip from Connecticut, and I scheduled to meet two more friends in the city.

But bad weather, a less-than-daring friend, an unexpected wake and car trouble foiled my perfect plan, and I stayed home. I had an outstanding story to tell tonight, and it fit the theme perfectly.

And it turns out that there were only 11 names in the bag at tonight’s StorySLAM, meaning my chances of taking the stage would have been outstanding.

This failure to launch did not sit well with me.

Then I received some great news. Perhaps you heard.

1. The Boy Scouts, the organization that changed my life forever but continues to betray its core ideals and basic human decency by refusing to allow openly gay leaders, is seriously considering reversing its position. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I have often questioned and even criticized people who continue to support religions that promote polices that they personally oppose, and for me, the Boy Scouts have presented me with same kind of problem. While I appreciate and respect all that Scouting did for me as a boy, I find myself unable to support the organization as an adult. Perhaps this inner conflict can finally come to an end and I can once again embrace an organization that in many ways served as my father growing up.


2. Eggs may not be as bad for you as once thought. This is tremendous news for a daily egg eater like me.


That’s it. Two bits of seriously good news.

Not nearly enough to make up for the missed opportunity, but I’m trying to convince myself that it was.