I’m an Elizabeth Bennet.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is 200 years old this week.


In celebration of this anniversary, Anglerfish Magazine created a “Which Pride and Prejudice Character Are You?” flowchart.

Usually these flowcharts are nonsense, but this one seems, at least for me, spot on.

It turns out that I am a Lizzie (Elizabeth Bennet), which is described as:

You are strong willed and aren’t afraid to express your opinion when you feel the moment is right. You can find it difficult to empathize with people of a different opinion or nature to yourself.

If asked to write a two sentence description of myself, I may have chosen these very words.

No wonder I like the book so much. Other than the emphasis placed on marrying a wealthy man (I cannot tell you how much this desire both disgusts and disturbs me, regardless of the time period), I have always adored the story.

The flowchart also led me to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an online, modern day video journal adaption of the book that I highly recommend. Hilarious and exceptionally well done.