I’m back.

Sorry, dear reader, for my recent absence. Rest assured it was the result of a lack of ideas or two days of oversleep or even death.

I mention the death part because one reader inquired about my state of existence after missing two days of posts. She understandably pointed to my two near-death experiences as a reason why she thought I might be deceased, but if I were dead, what kind of response was she expecting?

Alas, a full database on my server prevented me from uploading any more content, and a less-than-competent customer service representative assured me that the problem was not on their end, sending me on a 24 hour goose chase. 

It’s become apparent that I need to learn more about WordPress. Unable to do so this time, I did the next best thing:

I hired professionals to help.

Thanks to my friends on Twitter for recommending such outstanding an reputable professionals. The one silver lining born from these two days of frustrations that I think I’ve found myself a new website designer.

Hooray for small victories.