Spamming scumbag of the week

Each week, amongst the many interesting, insightful and occasionally scathing comments on my blog, I find comments by businesses and/or spammers who are clever enough to construct comments that avoid spam detection technology.

I delete these comments and ban their IP address, but I know that I will be doing the same thing again tomorrow for a new spamming scumbag.

In response, I’ve decided to write one post each week that highlights these businesses that either engage in this spamming behavior on their own or have hired spammers to do it for them. My intent is to shame these vile companies and damage their business in the process. I realize that both goals are unlikely to be achieved, but attempting to do so will make me feel good, and that is enough.

This week I had to contend with only one spamming scumbag, perhaps because this is Easter week and the even the most vile of cretins don’t like to engage in this kind of behavior at this time of year.

Today I present to you Austin Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, a company serving central Texas for over forty years with ten convenient locations. One of the three reasons to choose this team of twelve white, male surgeons, according to their website (which I found via a spam comment on my blog), is because “You and your family truly matter to us.”

Apparently this is not the case if you are a blogger trying to keep an audience entertained and engaged while trying to find time for his wife and two children.

If you require oral surgery and live in central Texas, I suggest you contact Central Texas Oral Maxillofacial Surgery instead. Dr. Lavelle Ford, a Vietnam veteran and former Captain in the Army Dental Corp, is board certified as a Diplomate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

More important, as far as I can tell he is also not a spamming scumbag, which makes him okay in my book.