WWMD (or maybe WWMDD)

A friend recently employed the following strategy when she found herself looking for a solution to a problem:

WWMD: What Would Matt Do?

And it worked. She asked herself what I would do, and almost immediately, a solution was found. 

I was thrilled. I told her I wanted to make WWMD a thing. A viral sensation. A new decision-making stratagem.

She agreed.

There’s a possibility that she wasn’t being entirely sincere.

Still, it worked for her, so perhaps it could be the next big paradigm in business and life management 

Maybe I could launch a podcast where listeners could ask, “What would Matt do?” and I would respond accordingly.

We could be onto something.

I say “we” in hopes that you are as excited about this as I am. Or perhaps in hopes that using the word “we” will trick you into being as excited about this as I am.

Either one is fine.

But which is better?

What Would Matt Do? (WWMD) or What Would Matthew Dicks Do? (WWMDD)?


Oh, and if you’d like to pose a question, go right ahead. No need to wait for the podcast and possible network television show. I’m here, waiting.