Just leave the bigots behind

From TIME:

The Republican National Committee voted unanimously Friday to reaffirm the party’s commitment to upholding the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, upending party efforts to grow support among younger voters.

A resolution introduced Wednesday by Michigan committeeman Dave Agema, who came under fire last month for posting an article describing gays as “filthy” on his Facebook page, passed the full RNC by a voice vote and without debate. A second resolution reaffirming “core values” of the party — including opposition to same-sex marriage — was also passed.

Frankly, I’m stunned. It is clear that America is moving swiftly in both opinion and with legislation on this issue, yet Republican leadership has decided to stand by bigotry when it has become increasingly clear that gay marriage is rapidly becoming universally accepted in this country.

There will come a day, much sooner than later, when our children are going to ask why in hell we wouldn’t allow two men or two women to get married, much the same way my generation asked our grandparents why in hell they needed two separate drinking fountains for blacks and whites.

In fact, that day might already be here. Except in the halls of the Republican Party.

As a person who leans toward the liberal side of the aisle, the fact that the Republican Party is turning its back on this cultural sea change does not bother me much. Democrats are sure to score huge political points on this issue in upcoming elections.

Who wouldn’t love run a campaign against a bigot?

But I have Republican friends who support gay marriage who must be devastated by this news. For these people, of which I think there are many, I propose that you simply leave behind the mostly white, mostly older wing of the Republican Party that opposes gay marriage, denies climate change and establish a new, Rationale Republican platform.

Just like we would do at a dinner party, shove all the bigots, liars and morons into one corner with a bottle of Johnny Walker and a box of Depends and move your party in a direction of integrity, decency and ultimately strength.