Spamming scumbag of the week

Each week, amongst the many interesting, insightful and occasionally scathing comments on my blog, I find comments by businesses and/or spammers who are clever enough to construct comments that avoid spam detection technology. I delete these comments and ban their IP address, but I know that I will be doing the same thing again tomorrow for a new spamming scumbag.

In response, I write a post each week that highlights these businesses that either engage in this spamming behavior on their own or have hired spammers to do it for them. My intent is to shame these vile companies and cause them to reconsider their means of advertising in the process.

I realize that both goals are unlikely to be achieved, and that even mentioning them in a post boosts their SEO, but doing so makes me feel good, and that is enough.

This week I present The Snore Center, a diagnostic and treatment center located in Calgary, Canada, that deals with sleeping disorders and spams bloggers’ comment sections in order to improve their SEO.

I suggest that you aggressively ignore The Snore Center (which happens to be an incredibly stupid name) you take your business to The Center for Sleep instead. Located five miles from The Snore Center, The Center for Sleep offers the identical services as The Snore Center plus more, including treatment for restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement, both of which fascinate me.

Granted I might find these disorders less fascinating if I suffered from either one.