Spamming scumbags of the week

Each week, amongst the many interesting, insightful and occasionally scathing comments on my blog, I find comments by businesses and/or spammers who are clever enough to construct comments that avoid spam detection technology.

I delete these comments and ban their IP address, but I know that I will be doing the same thing again tomorrow for a new spamming scumbag.

In response, I’ve decided to write one post each week that highlights these businesses that either engage in this spamming behavior on their own or have hired spammers to do it for them. My intent is to shame these vile companies and damage their business in the process.

I realize that both goals are unlikely to be achieved, but attempting to do so will make me feel good, and that is enough.

This week I present two scumbags to you:

The first is Kasper Suits, which claims to be “one of the most stylish and popular options for ladies in the workplace.” 

If they are so popular, why are they spamming blogs like mine? I know the answer. It’s because they are scumbags.

I suggest that if you are a lady in need of a suit, you go to Nordstrom. My wife adores the store, and my one experience with Nordstrom customer service was outstanding.

Next is The Law Offices of WT Johnson, a personal injury attorney in Dallas, Texas who apparently has forgone ambulance chasing in lieu of spamming.

If you are in Dallas and need a personal injury attorney, I suggest you ignore this spamming scumbag and opt instead for The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson. Located just minutes from spamming scumbag W.T. Johnson, Frank won the Distinguished Service Award for Vietnam Veterans of America. Forbes also named him one of the most successful trial attorneys in America.