Charlie’s first birthday

My son turns one-year-old today.

Parents often lament about how quickly time passes. Children grow up so damn quickly.

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This has never been the case for me. My son is twelve months old, and it’s felt like twelve months. Not in a bad way. Other than a propensity to bite my wife and an inability to sleep past 6:30 AM, Charlie has been a gem. An easy-going piece of cake. In many ways easier than his sister was during her first year, and she was a piece of cake, too. 

But still, it’s felt like twelve months.

I suspect this might be because I write to my children everyday. Sometimes it’s simply a few photos or a video with a couple of sentences of commentary posted to a blog for them, and sometimes it’s more. But because I mark every day with something, the time doesn’t seem to pass by so quickly.

It’s been a glorious year with Charlie. Our daughter, Clara, has made it even better with her unbridled love for her brother.

Now that a full year has passed, I can say with absolute sincerity that I am most proud of the fact that my son has yet to pee on me. Parents of boys took great pleasure in warning me that getting peed on is a constant problem. Penis tents can be purchased to protect oneself from the unrelenting stream. But Charlie has refrained from urinating on his father and has only peed on his mother a handful of times.

That, my friends, is something to celebrate.

In addition to Charlie’s birthday, of course.

That’s good, too.

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