Do racists long for the good old days?

I’ve often said that my father was born 100 years too late. My father was a cowboy in ever sense of the word. When I was a child, he spent more time on a horse than not.

He once brought a horse into the dining room to eat off the table.

He would’ve fit perfectly into the Old West. I suspect that if given the choice, he would’ve opted to be born at least 100 years earlier. 

With that in mind, I’ve been obsessing over this question for the last week:

Do racists regret the fact that they weren’t born during a less enlightened time in human history? Do they lament the days of segregation or even pre Civil War slavery? If given the choice, would they have wanted to be born in a time when they would still possess supremacy over African Americans?

I’m asking in all seriousness.

While I’m at it, what about the bigots who oppose same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general? Delaware is on the brink of becoming the eleventh state to legalize gay marriage, and an NBA player just came out of the closet to near-universal praise. 

Are bigots lamenting the days when they could still use gay slurs as a means of insult?

Are they bemoaning the fact that so many television shows and movies portray gay people as normal? 

Do they wish they they had been born in another time in history when their bigotry was the norm?