My daughter wants to dance, but the dance recital machine sucks. What are we to do?

My daughter has requested dance lessons, and based upon the enthusiasm and talent displayed in this video, my wife and I will have to get her some soon.


Here’s the thing:

We want our daughter to learn to dance, but we’d like to find a studio that does not require us to participate in a three hour dance recital full of half-naked girls shaking parts of their bodies that should never be shaken.

We don’t want to sit through a recital that opens with a performance by the owner of the studio or a team of instructors.

We don’t want to sit through a recital that ends with children receiving awards based solely upon the length of time that parents have been paying the dance lesson bill.

We don’t want to be forced into spending exurbanite sums on professional-grade costumes that will be worn once.

We don’t want our daughter’s face plastered in professional-grade makeup in order to dance for two minutes onstage.

We would love our daughter to learn to dance at a studio where the disturbing and exploitive trappings of the dance recital do not exist. We want her to understand that dance is a combination of expression and creativity and exercise, absent the skin and makeup and sexualized dance moves.

Anyone know of such a place?