The limited palate of an illogical toddler

My four year-old daughter’s palate is currently limited to fruits, bread, cheese, yogurt, a tiny smattering of vegetables and bacon.

She doesn’t know that bacon is meat. 

In truth, it’s not an entirely unhealthy diet, but my wife and I would like to see it expand considerably. We also understand that this is common for toddlers, and in comparison to many, we are fortunate.

Still, it’s annoying.

By contrast, her brother, who will celebrate his first birthday  this month, has yet to find a food that he will not eat.

Earlier this week, we convinced Clara to try a cherry tomato, assuring her that it was a fruit. She took a bite, declared that she liked it, and said that she wouldn’t be taking another bite.

We considered this a victory.  

Usually this is what we see when she tries something new.