The perfect Mother’s Day gift or the worst Mother’s Day gift of all time? I’m not sure.

I bought my wife a cookbook for Mother’s Day. It was a book that my daughter and son were going to give her as their gift.

I was extremely proud of my choice of book. It was written by a woman whose blog I know she loves. I was also recommended by the bookstore as an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

smitten kitchen

I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she opened her gift.

Yesterday afternoon I saw her using the same book to make a cake.

It turns out she already owns the book.

Not only does she own the book, but it is the only book that she has ever preordered.

She has also seen the author speak.

Her book is even signed by the author.

She could not own this book any more than she already does.

I’m not sure if this news should make me happy because I clearly chose the perfect gift had she not owned it already, or if I should feel like a fool for buying her a book that is apparently in her hands at least a few times every week.