A perfect example of how my disputatious mind works

So it turns out that some of my closest friends were highly amused by my surprise in discovering that my wife (and my arch nemesis) think I’m a know-it-all.

Apparently they feel similarly.

Finding myself in the position now where some of my closest friends and family members are in agreement over this issue, my next move is simple:

Accept the know-it-all label and find a way to justify, legitimize and ultimately celebrate the label.

Strip away the negative connotations associated with the phrase and demonstrate the value and prestige of know-it-all status. 

My wife made the case for my know-it-all status by saying, “You do know a lot, honey.”

I think I’ll start there. Knowing a lot is a good thing. Maybe even a great thing.

I’ll begin my work with that premise. 

I should probably update my list of shortcomings, too. It’s apparently in need of revision.