The toughest question of the year

As a teacher, I am asked hundreds of questions a day. Occasionally I am asked a question that is so new, so strange or so challenging that I make note of it.

Last year’s most memorable and challenging question was asked by a student in the throes of adolescent love.

The student asked, “Mr. Dicks, why is love so hard?”

Had I been better prepared, my answer might have been better or at least more utilitarian. I might’ve offered some useful advice. But I can count the number of times a student has asked me a question about love on one hand.

It’s not exactly my area of expertise. 

My answer was this:

“Love is hard because the heart wants what the heart wants. Even when your head knows that love will be hard and maybe even impossible, the heart doesn’t stop loving until its ready to stop.”

My student did not seem overly impressed with my answer.

Rightfully so.

love is hard