Which of these 6 things would you change about your spouse?

Carolyn Bucior writes about a newly released 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair telephone poll of 1,186 U.S. adults that identifies temper is the primary trait many American women would like to change about their spouse or significant other.

When women in the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll were given a choice of six things to change about their man, 29 percent picked his temper, beating out changing his friends (11 percent), his mother (9 percent), his sense of humor (8 percent), his physique (7 percent), and his hygiene (2 percent).

I was surprised by this result. I can’t remember the last time I saw a man lose his temper around his family, but then again, these things probably happen behind closed doors.

I’m not sure what Elysha would choose to change about me if she could. I’d like to think that she would change nothing, but that seems a little unrealistic.

I’m not exactly perfect. 

But I also suspect that she wouldn't choose anything off this list. I have many shortcomings (22 at last count), but none of these, I think.

Perhaps she’d change my belief that dishes dry just as well in the cupboard as they do in the drying rack.  

Bucior goes on to say:

Amazingly, 30 percent said they would not change any of those things. As this was a telephone poll, I imagine these women were standing beside their husbands when they answered.

I thought this was cynical at best and at worst a a rotten and naïve thing to say. Is it so hard to believe that there are women (or men) who are more than happy with their spouse when it comes to the six categories listed in the survey?

I know I am.

Bucior’s statement is probably more of a reflection of her unfunny, unhygienic, nonathletic husband and his pack of loser friends than anything else.