Why am I willing to look less presentable than my female counterparts?

All may be true, or none may be true. You tell me.

I have worn the grubbiest of clothes for Skype chats with book clubs, whereas my female author friends, based upon a sample of recent tweets and Facebook posts, would never think of doing such a thing.

Is it because I am a man and will therefore be excused of my wardrobe indiscretions more easily?

Or is it because I am a man and am less concerned (rightfully or otherwise)about my appearance than the average woman?

Or is it because I’m just an idiot who should make more of an effort to appear presentable?

Or am I simply assuming far too much based upon an admittedly tiny small sample size?

I’m honestly not sure which is the case, but my gut tells me that if my hair was a mess or I was wearing pajamas during a Skype chat, I would be excused as quirky, amusing or typically male, whereas if my female counterpart did the same, an entirely different set of labels would be assigned.