Hate the parents

Hopefully, this is one of the most disgustingly gratuitous bar mitzvah entrances of all time. Right?

Please tell me that it doesn’t get much worse than this. I can’t even begin to imagine what worse than this would look like.

I have a theory on the golf course that if play is slow, you should hate the group ahead of you, even if you know that there is a group ahead of them who is creating the problem.

It’s much more fun to hate the players you can see rather than a group of  theoretical players somewhere ahead on the course.

I’m going to violate my “hate the one you can see” rule in regards to this video. While I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t like the boy featured in the clip if I knew him in real life (it’s hard to imagine liking anyone involved in a display of narcissistic opulence such as this), I’m going to choose to hate the unseen parents rather than the boy for allowing this spectacle to take place and then thinking it wise to post it online. 

Maybe not hate them. That might be too harsh. Blame them. Blame them for allowing this gaudy display of wealth and self-centeredness to take place.

No. I take that back. I was right the first the time. Hate was right.