Not surprising, my wife was right again.

I’m a dummy. A big, dumb, dummy dumb-dumb.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I told my wife that one child was enough. I argued that our daughter, Clara, was all we needed in terms of children, and we should seriously consider having no more. 

I believed that with one child, we had a greater chance of giving Clara everything she always wanted and needed.

My wife disagreed. She wanted a second child because she wanted another little one running around the house. But I think more important to her, she wanted Clara to have a sibling.

I didn’t think having a sibling was terribly important. I didn’t think Clara would care much either way. This is because I am an idiot.

It turns out that “everything my daughter ever wanted or needed” included a brother. Clara loves her brother in a way that I have never seen a sister love a brother before. She is bursting with love for him.

Had I not listened to my wife, moments like these would never have happened.

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