The boy and the girl at the General Store

We stopped at the General Store on the way to the in-law’s house. Elysha and Charlie went inside to purchase some exceptionally overpriced lunch meat. I plopped my daughter down on the bench on the porch outside the store with the iPad while I went inside to use the restroom.

It’s the same bench that my wife and her sister used to sit on as children.

When I returned from the restroom and peeked outside, this is what I found.

 image image 

Clara was sitting beside this blond-haired boy, chatting away and showing him some of her favorite apps on the iPad.

Eventually she handed it to the boy so he could play, too. The two sat together, talking and playing, for fifteen minutes until we finally left. 

They look like old friends. Don’t they? That’s my daughter. Takes after her mother, making friends wherever she goes.

It’s sweet, but then again, we were in the Berkshires. The population of my in-law’s town is 934. Not too much to worry about.

If Clara decides to cozy up to some kid on a bench in Central Park someday and hand over the iPad to let him play, the result may be very different.