My children ruined my Patriots game day perfection.

Attending Sunday’s Patriots-Steelers game was pretty great. In addition to an outstanding game, our tailgate party was about a dozen strong, including a couple friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. While we watched the early games on a television connected to the car, we dined on burgers and dogs and played some low stakes poker.

Then the Patriots hung 55 points on the Steelers, making it a perfect end to a perfect day.


Except that while I was enjoying myself in Foxboro, I was missing moments like this back home in Connecticut:

 image image

My friend and fellow season ticket holder asked me to sell about half of our games this year to defer costs, and while I’ve been a little sad about missing some of them (including the last second comeback against New Orleans), moments like this more than make up for staying home and watching a couple more games on the television instead of inside the stadium.