The joy of Halloween has returned, even without the eggs.

Since graduating from high school, Halloween has taken a slow, inexorable slide toward mediocrity. Take away the candy, the eggs, the toilet paper, the soap and the seemingly endless array of late night antics, and all you have left is the occasional, oftentimes disappointing Halloween party and a handful of sexy nurse and sexy cat costumes to look forward to.

None of this comes close to frightening small children, soaping windshields with unfortunate aphorisms, raining eggs down upon unsuspecting victims or egging your high school science teacher’s home for the third year in a row.

As an adult, Halloween has lost a great deal of luster.

Then something happened. Elysha and I had kids. Our daughter grew old enough to understand and love Halloween. And though I would’ve never believed it five years ago, Halloween has instantly regained all its joy for me again.

Listening to my daughter debate costume possibilities in the weeks leading up to Halloween, watching her excitement build as the day approached and taking her out trick-or-treating has made Halloween the joyous holiday is once was for me.

There are still moments, even today, when I would love to egg a few houses and maybe even a few of the larger trick-or-treaters, but for now, a night out with my children, holding their hands, ringing doorbells and reminding them to say thank you is alright with me.

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