The Pope and an old lady in parking lot

On Saturday morning an older woman spotted me wearing gym shorts in a parking lot and said, “Put some pants on! Who do you think you are?”

As with all rhetorically rude questions, I answered as specifically as possible. “I’m Matthew Dicks. Kind of a strange question, but would you like to see my driver’s license.”

To her credit, she smiled.

In my defense, I wear whatever the hell I want and often dress for where I will be and not the brief interludes between my car and my destination place.

Also, I was going to the gym after my shopping was done. I was dressed for exercise.

It turns out that she wasn’t the only older person complaining about the clothing choices of strangers last week.  

On Sunday the Pope was overheard shouting, “It's cold! Are you nuts?” at  someone wearing short sleeves in winter.

Old people can be so annoying when it comes staying warm. Just because your body is old and can’t keep you warm anymore doesn’t mean you should impose your clothing expectations on others.