Let’s remember someone worth remembering

The next time you see an article or photograph of some reality television celebrity like Kim Kardashian, look away. Actively disengage from their nonsense. Make a purposeful effort to know as little as possible about people who have done so little to make this world a better pace.

It’s possible, too. If you asked me to pick Kim Kardashian out of a lineup, I would be hard pressed to find her. If you asked me why she is famous, I honestly can’t tell you. I know she was on a reality television program, but I have to assume that she was famous before that, but I don’t know why.

This is only because I choose to look away whenever possible. You can do the same.

Instead, turn your attention to someone like Irena Sendler, who most of us have forgotten, if we ever knew her at all.

Forget Kim Kardashian. Remember Irena Sendler.

Imagine what a glorious world it would be if everyone did this.