Speak Up storytellers: James Bengiovanni

Our next Speak Up storytelling event is on Saturday, November 9, at 8:00 at Real Art Ways in Hartford.

Tickets can be purchased online here or purchased at the door, provided that we don’t sell out prior to Saturday.

This week we introduce you to the storytellers who you will be hearing from on Saturday night. Hope to see you there! ____________________________

James Bengiovanni, or "Bengi" as he is known, is a man of many, many accomplishments. He once walked 10 miles chewing the same piece of gum, never switching to a fresh piece. He watched all the episodes of Heroes, even though it jumped the shark after season one and everyone else stopped watching. Once he accidently ordered mustard on his tuna sandwich, and instead of wiping it off, or ordering a new sandwich, he simply ate it without complaining. As a wimpy kid, he often read books targeted for adults, yet as an adult, he has read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and enjoyed it. He recently used an actual paper map, instead of a GPS, and still found his way to his destination. His accolades, too numerous to list here, would perhaps even fill two paragraphs of a three paragraph essay.

With so much talent, it is no surprise that he was named the 2013 Teacher of the Year for the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy. Bengi is also the answer to the following trivia questions "Who was first speaker at the inaugural Speak Up event on May 20, 2013 and "Who renamed the Green Team in Berlin Connecticut Junior Girls Soccer from the Soccettes to the Shockwave?"