I hate Paul Mitchell, and I think you should, too. Please join me in my burning hatred for this company. It is deserved and necessary.

I had my hair cut yesterday. As I entered the salon, I saw this product on the shelf by the door. Row after row of it.


The contents inside these containers may make your hair lustrous and shiny, but that is irrelevant.

This is a terrible product. The message on this product is disgusting. I honestly can’t believe that it exists, and I can’t believe that women allow it to exist by continuing to purchase it.

The implications of the branding are clear:

Skinny is beautiful. “Skinny” is a compliment. You should feel good if someone tells you that you look skinny. You should be skinny or trying to be skinny.

I hate this so much.

There were so many other words that Paul Mitchell could’ve chosen for this product.

You look beautiful today.
You look pretty today.
You look strong today.
You look confident today.
You look amazing today.
You look perfect today.

Instead, the advertisers at Paul Mitchell went with skinny.

I hate this company so much for this decision. I hope you will choose to hate them with me.

I never, ever want my daughter to see this product. No little girl should ever see this product. No woman should see a message like this on the shelf. 

There are many, many ways to be beautiful in this world, and it occurs to me that skinny isn’t anywhere near the top of the list.

Paul Mitchell would seem to disagree, and I hate them for it. 

Please stop purchasing product. Please ask your friends and relatives to stop purchasing this product. If given this product as a gift this holiday season, return it immediately.

If you want to make your opinion heard, contact Paul Mitchell’s customer service line at 800.793.8790. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 11:00-7:00.

I will be calling tomorrow. Join me.