Possibly illogical and misplaced anger about non-disabled actors

Is it wrong for me to be annoyed, angered, even outraged at the idea of a non-wheelchair bound actor performing in a wheelchair bound role?

I think it might be, but I’m annoyed just the same.

Elysha and I are watching an HBO comedy called Hello Ladies, and there’s a wheelchair-bound character in the show being portrayed by a non-disabled actor.

I can’t help but think:

Why not find an actor who’s in a wheelchair to perform that role?

Apparently the same situation exists in the television show Glee. The actor playing the wheelchair-bound student in that show is actually a professional dancer.

Should I be angry about this?

I don’t think so. But I am.

I don’t think my anger is logical. I don’t think it’s justified in any way. An actor should be able to perform any role. They are, after all, actors. Their job is to pretend to be something they are not.

Still, it annoys me.