Speak Up stories wanted

As 2014 approaches, Elysha and I are in the process of preparing lineups for our Speak Up shows for the new year. If you have a story that you’d like to tell on a Speak Up stage, we’d love for you to pitch it to us.


We are currently planning for shows in January, March and May. The themes for these shows are as follows:

January 18: Travel

March (date TBA): Law and Order

May (date TBA): Bad Romance

If you would like to pitch us a story idea for an upcoming show, please send us an email with a summary of your story (the more detail, the better), a brief bio and your contact information  to speakupstorytelling@gmail.com

We hope to have the lineup for the January show finalized within the next two weeks, but there are still spots available, so if you have a great travel story that you’d like to tell, don’t delay. Write your pitch and send it to us.

As you prepare pitch, a few things to keep in mind:

  • The length of your story should be 6 minutes or less.
  • Your story should have a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Your story should be true.
  • Your story should be an actual story. It should reflect events in your life that ultimately caused you to change in some meaningful way as a person for better or worse. We are not looking for inspirational speeches, a series of strung-together anecdotes or lectures.
  • If you’ve never told a story before and want some help, I’ve included a good example of a the kind of story that we are looking for below. It’s a story told at The Moth by Micaela Blei, who performed for Speak Up back in November.
  • Elysha and I work with our storytellers to help revise and refine your stories, so if you’re nervous or uncertain, have no fear. Even the most experienced storytellers are nervous before taking the stage. Elysha and I will ensure that you are well prepared and as confident as you can be before your big night

Thanks! We hope to see you at Speak Up in January for what promises to be a great show!