“Nonplussed” is going down.

It’s such a stupid word. It’s definition is “not surprised,” but we all know that it’s supposed to mean the opposite.

So stupid.

In protest of this stupid word, I will be taking the following actions:

  1. I will use the word “nonplussed” in place of the word “surprised” whenever possible. I will invent moments of surprise and shock if necessary. I’m going to use the hell out of the word.
  2. I will use the word “plussed” (not a real word) to describe a state of being not surprised. If “nonplussed” means surprised, then plussed is going to mean “surprised,” damn it. I’m going to take this inane word to it’s logically inane conclusion.

Who is with me?

One unintended consequence of this plan will be to annoy the hell out of my wife, but sometimes you must take a stand against the forces of definitional evil even at your own peril.

I’ll show this word what happens you you’re supposed to mean one thing and you choose to mean the opposite.