Tires in need of slashing

My wife’s car is on the right, parked legally within the lines.

The car parked to the left is owned by a handicapped veteran who wedged himself into the space between her car and the one in the handicapped spot to the left. This is the space typically afforded to a handicapped spot in the event that more room is needed to get in or out of a vehicle.

The two cars were so close that their side view mirrors were actually touching. There was less than an inch between the tires.


Unable to get Charlie into his car seat, Elysha had to go looking for the lunatic in the community center where they were parked.

His excuse for this selfish, insane act of buffoonery was that he was a handicapped veteran and there were no handicapped spaces left, so he invented one, despite any inconvenience that it may have caused the people on both sides of him, including one who was handicapped as well.

He was neither apologetic or willing to acknowledge the error of his ways.

My wife was firm but respectful.

I suspect that I would’ve been loud and belligerent.

I have great respect for veterans, but being a veteran doesn’t mean that you can’t also be a jackass who needs his keys taken away from him.