My appearance on The Moth Radio Hour

I’m thrilled to announce that I will have a story on this week’s Moth Radio Hour. Back in August, I performed at a Main Stage show at the Wilbur Theater, and this week’s Radio Hour features that show, nearly in its entirety.

I can’t tell you how surreal it was to click on The Moth’s website today to find a story to use in my storytelling class and see myself, as a little boy, sitting atop a horse, on the homepage.

Strange indeed.


The show airs on more than 280 stations nationwide, so there is a good chance that you will be able to hear the show where you live.

You can find the listings of stations and times here.

For my Connecticut friends, it will be airing on Sunday at 9:00 PM on the following stations:

Hartford: WNPR-FM
Bridgeport: WPKN-FM
Stamford: WEDW-FM
Norwich: WPKT-FM

For my New York City friends it will be airing on Saturday on the following stations and times:

WNYC-AM: 2:00-3:00 PM
WNYC-FM: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM

The last time I was on the Radio Hour, I couldn’t bear to listen. The story had been difficult to tell, and though I was proud of it, I didn’t want to hear and re-live the experience again, even from my own mouth.

This time I’ll be listening. I can’t wait.