I’m apparently the dishwasher.

Fathers who want their daughters to aim for prestigious professions should start by doing the dishes or loading the washing machine, a new study suggests.

The study, to be published in the journal Psychological Science, found that fathers who perform household chores are more likely to bring up daughters who break out of the mold of traditionally female jobs and aspire to careers in business, legal and other professions, CTV reports.

As a father who routinely does the dishes and laundry, I was feeling pretty good about myself until my daughter overheard me talking to my wife about it and said, “Yeah, Daddy. You are the dishwasher. It’s your best job.”

“But I’m a teacher, Clara, too. And a writer. Aren’t those my most important jobs?”

“Nope,” she said. “Dishwasher! You’re the dishwasher!”

Is it possible that I’ve been washing too many dishes?